About Our Services (and what makes them so great!):

Here at ZoomersBike, we strive to provide the most welcoming and well priced bike shop and community in Arizona. Our friendly staff can help you find your next new bike, or  service your current one to a like new state.

Our Zoomers Bike Owner Service Package

  • We will strive to offer door to door service, unloading and loading your bike from your vehicle when we are able and you desire it.
  • Free 14-Day Check-Up–we will readjust, retune, and make sure it is righteous.
  • Free labor on flat repair in the first 6m of new bike purchases (does not include tube)
  • Free Slime with purchase of new 26″ bikes.  We believe that your good experience is improved by starting out with Slime in your tires on 26″ Cruisers and Off-road bikes.
  • Free installation of accessories purchased from Zoomers in the first 14 days of ownership
  • Free Tune Up in first 90 Days of ownership (a $60 value)
  • Lifetime free adjustments on bikes (does not include parts, repairs of damage, abuse or wearing out…)
  • Discounted membership for first year of Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition–$10 for first year (normally $20)
  • Email News About Sales, Rides and Other Events and Specials
  • Priority service for paid repairs (your work will be put ahead of bikes that we did not sell)
  • Free training ride with bikes over $1000. This is a $60 value.

Zoomers for Kids

Make your kid a Zoomer!  We have a special section of the store with kids’ bikes & accessories.  We sell only quality things that we can back up.  All our kids bikes have at least 12m of complete warranty and are made of serviceable components.  We sell bikes that can be worked on, not ones that should be in a landfill in 6m.

Kids are ready for their first bike at age 2-3 and they will often be riding without training wheels at age 4.

Our menu of childrens’ services includes:

Free flat repair for 6m: We do free labor on your bike and charge you for the tube.  Kids will get flats.  We want them to be riding, not assigning you more work to change their tires.

Trade in program: This is great!  Within 2 years of purchase, we will credit you for up to 50% of the cost of the kids bike up to a 26″ small frame.  When your kid grows, you trade in the old one and get a deal on a new one.  We recycle the old ones to needy children and everybody feels good.

We fit your kid on the right bike: with kid-sized parts–levers, grips, cranks, seats.  These bikes are built for kids, not just hodgepodged together out of the cheapest stuff to be found.

More than bikes: We also sell the awesome Trek 3 wheeler (with freewheel, of course) and Trikester (bombproof, of course) and Trek wagon.  Each of these is a quality toy that will give child after child hours of fun.

Service Rates & Service Charge

Zoomers’ Service Rates are based on a fixed price menu of costs.  These are in the store and used to make estimates.  This helps maintain transparency in our work and allow for reasonable estimating.  Of course, there are many things that cannot be predicted in a quick check in, but we do our best to provide a good compromise of a quick check in process with a good looking over of your bike for other needs.  We can perform special projects as needed and these rates may vary from the fixed menu costs.  We communicate with customers during the repair process if the needs of the repair or estimated costs will vary considerably from what is expected. We use phone and email communication during the repair process to make communication quick and easy for you.

We have added a $1 fee that is added to all repair to subsidize our shop costs.  This is the Lube & Supply Charge and it not only helps cover our costs associated with running the shop and recycling.  We spend a fair amount of time on our recycling programs and this does cost money.  It also helps with things we don’t charge for such as cable ends, ferrules, gloves, tools, rags, and lubricants.  We believe that this small charge is worth it to our customers and thus we have made it a part of our company policy.

Our Environmental Policy

At Zoomers, we take any reasonable step to minimize our environmental impact, as do many of our suppliers.

We encourage cyclocommuting and practice it ourselves.

We recycle cardboard boxes.  We recycle rubber with our friends at Reese’s Tire in Cottonwood.  We save chains and sprockets to send to a company that makes gifts.   We are save scrap aluminum parts and cans for recycling.  We currently have not found a partner for plastic baggies used to ship things to us, but would like to.

These practices take extra time and don’t make us any margin on our goods.  We believe that they are the right thing and that is why we do them.  We also know that this further distinguishes us from the big box competitors who sell disposable bikes that end up in a landfill in a year.

Our Training Ride Program

We are proud to introduce our Training Ride.  We want you to love riding and we all know that this often starts with good mentorship.  We not only have a weekly beginner level ride, but we will send out one of our experienced staff members to take you for a ride on your new bike of costing over $1000.  This will give us a chance to show you all the stuff you need to get started on the bike.  We can also fine tune your fit and comfort on this ride.  We are committed to helping you love your cycling experience, not just getting you out the door on our bikes.

Trek’s Red Shield Program

Protect your bike longer. Protect it every day!

Red Shield is an extended warranty which is unique in that it covers wear and tear too! The only way you won’t get a great value out of it is if you don’t ride the bike. Our Red Shield customers have generally paid for their purchase of the plan after just a couple replacement chains and other drivetrain parts!

Extend protection on your accessories, too!

You can purchase the Red Shield Product Replacement Plan on select Trek family accessories for an additional year after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Products covered by Red Shield Plans include:

  1. All Trek family bicycles
  2. Wear-and-tear for Bontrager wheel sets
  3. Garmin GPS systems, select computers, trainers and heart rate monitors
  4. Accessories purchased at the same time as the new bicycle

Red Shield Product Protection Plan provides peace of mind:

  1. Protection against factory defects, and repair due to all normal wear-and-tear: almost everything but the rubber stuff on the bike is covered.
  2. Service and protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 5 years (choose 3 or 5-year plans) begins after expiry of the 1 year factory warranty.
  3. Hassle-free repair or replacement, if an authorized Red Shied repair shop can’t fix it, we replace it.
  4. Claims are quickly serviced at your local bicycle retailer – nationwide.
  5. Labor is included with no hidden costs or deductibles
  6. The plan goes with the bike if you sell it—helps used goods hold their value!